This bay window needed some cleanup and
concrete work. Now the flower bed area doesn't
trap water and is so much more attractive from
the road.
This is the den, looking from the
kitchen. This was the first time we
came in the house.
The formal living room had ceiling
to floor water damage too, but it
turned out spectacular
With so many projects, we'll start in the
foyer,at a major water damage area.
Along with the structure repair we
changed the layout of the hallway,
eliminating a foyer closet we didn't
need, which made a walk in closet
behind it for the bedroom in that
corner. That bedroom also had water
problems and it was super pink.
This is the corner floor of the
bedroom where it met the
backside of the foyer.
This linen closet
upstairs and the
tub/shower out of the
kids' bathroom behind
it was in the space we
needed to put in a
back staircase.  These
come down into the
den, right at the back
doors. We had to move
plumbing by one floor
joist but this added so
much to the house
This is the same room, but standing in front
of the fireplace - looking toward the kitchen.
Much better
In April 2015 we finally could begin on a home for us, one we
had tried to obtain a year before and had actually given up
on. We knew it was quite a project, and we knew there would
be surprises.  We had an leaky roof, water pouring in, (the
tarp had been there a LONG time) plumbing way worse than
expected causing every fixture to be replaced in every
bathroom- so we remodeled 4 out of 5 of them, we had some
vandalism and a rac
coon that didn't want to go.  

We redesigned lots of rooms, made bathrooms bigger,
flipped closets around and added stairs where we thought it
couldn't be done, but that's the kind of things Mike does on
every project, now we can enjoy them and show them to
everyone because they're ours.  
This is
Pink Tub
This is
Pink Tub
The deck needed some attention, we
flipped all the deckboards over, only having
to replace about a 3rd of them.  We put new
top rails on the banisters and got rid of the
hot tub and pavilion in the corner changing
the whole focal point of the deck.
This is now.